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Theatre Workshops Will Be Available Online in Flin Flon and Thompson.

Starting next month, the recently minted Mall of the Arts in Thompson will be offering free youth theatre workshops in partnership with the Flin Flon Arts Council and the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.


Andria Stephens, the Co-Founder of the Mall of the Arts, explains she met with Crystal Kolt from the Flin Flon Arts Council and she’s very excited about what they’re doing in Thompson and she thought it would be an excellent idea for them to start collaborating with each other in the north so the pandemic has actually given them an opportunity now for Flin Flon kids to meet Thompson kids online virtually so she reached out to the Manitoba Theatre for Young People and they’re very excited about it because they are doing classes in Winnipeg and they’re happy to reach out to northern children and get them online with the virtual performance classes.

There are three different types of classes to pick from, and they’re offered to kids ages four and up.


The virtual theatre workshops will begin January 9th to February 13th and to register visit www.flinflonartscouncil.com or call 204-687-5974.


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