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UCN is Offering a Extended Option for Students.

To help its students who may be struggling academically during the COVID-19 pandemic University College of the North is extending the voluntary withdrawal deadline for the Fall Term to January 8th.


 Vice-President of Academic and Research Dan Smith explains the pandemic has created all kinds of stresses and they may not have achieved the grades they had hoped to achieve as they went through and there’s all kinds reasons for that like working from home, they’ve got kids at home, a million different reasons why students may face some pressure so they’ve taken the voluntary withdrawal date from November and extended it to the 8th of January and that’ll allow students to know what their grades are for the fall term so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to drop that course.


Smith says this will be a difficult decision for students as they would not receive a credit for the course and they would have to take the course again if it’s a prerequisite to continue their program.


He goes on to say students should discuss their situations with an academic advisor or their instructor and their funders before making a final decision.


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