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Santa Claus is Coming to Creighton Saturday Afternoon and Flin Flon Friday Evening.

Members of the Creighton Fire Department will be escorting Santa around Creighton on Saturday afternoon. Recreation Director Channa Senyk explains they are heading out from the Fire Hall at 3 o’clock Saturday and he will be touring down Main Street and down each street in Creighton so you’ll hear the sirens as they are taking two or three trucks out and you can stand in your window and wave or go to your back or front yard and wave to Santa as he goes by.


Due to COVID-19 protocols Santa will not be stopping for pictures or to hand out candy.            


Santa will also be visiting Flin Flon on Friday evening starting at 5:30. RCMP Constable Jordan Tost explains Santa will be riding around with members of the Flin Flon RCMP and the Flin Flon Fire Department noting he is hoping to hit as many houses as he can during the evening beginning at 5:30 and he’ll he waving to the kids through the windows of their houses. 

                Again due to COVID-19 protocols you are asked to watch for Santa from your windows.

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