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Having a winter emergency kit for your vehicle is important in Manitoba especially in our region.

CAA Manitobas Christa Mariash is stressing the importance of being prepared for the winter roads this season.


She explains there are some ways to make sure you and your vehicle are ready to hit the winter roadways.  She says a couple of ways you can do that is making sure you check your tire pressure, your battery and your fluids as well as your windshield wipers on your vehicle, do a quick go around of your vehicle to make sure that everything is in top shape and making sure you are dressed warm and having that emergency kit will really help when you’re on the road this winter.


Essential items to add to your winter emergency kit include a snow brush, ice scraper, small shovel, washer fluid, booster cables, a cell phone charger, and a first aid kit.


Mariash adds it’s also vital to have extra blankets, toques, mitts, and scarves, along with non-perishable food like granola bars and water in a container that won’t break or freeze.


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