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The Fire Department Will Be Better Equipped for Rescue Work.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council approved a request for funding from the Fire Department through Fire Protection Grants.  It was noted this does not involve any city dollars as the money comes from a grant program put out by provincial protective services for Fire Departments only.


A grant of 50 thousand dollar will purchase a side by side with tracks, snowbulance and trailer to perform rescue or fire protection in remote areas in the district.  A grant of just over 18 thousand dollars will purchase a water rescue boat which is drastically needed for the community and surrounding areas with numerous people utilizing the lakes and waterways and a grant of just under 29 thousand dollars will purchase a turnout gear washing machine and dryer to allow for proper cleaning of all gear that is used by the department ensuring the safety of all members.


And Mayor Cal Huntley reminds residents that because outdoor activities are not allowed under COVID code red restrictions all bunks are closed to skating but  have been flooded as this is the time of year to do it so they will be ready when the code red restrictions are lifted.


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