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Manitobans Should Plan on Receiving a Cheque in the Mail.

Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton has announced Manitoba Public Insurance will be providing immediate financial relief to its policy holders.  MPI customers will receive a total of 69 million dollars which is about 100 dollars per policy holder.  This is in addition to the previous rebate of 110 million dollars in May of this year and the corporation’s recent request of an 8.8 percent overall rate decrease in its General Rate Application to the Public Utilities Board.  Wharton says similar to what transpired in May when they made the 110 million dollar announcement what will happen now is again it will go through the Public Utilities process, the application will go in right away and they anticipate a similar outcome to what they had back in May where the Board will authorize the rebate to Manitoba ratepayers.


This rebate was made possible by the combination of fewer collision claims, about 20 percent lower from mid-March to the end of October compared to the previous year and MPIs forecast of collision frequency remaining favorable into the spring.


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