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Reduced Budget Could Mean Big Changes

             Mayor George Fontaine told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday the city budget is being greatly affected by the age of the community with not enough repairs made over the years, reduced population and under utilities the new sewage treatment plant and the upcoming water treatment plant mandated by the province who share the cost of building but not the cost of operating these facilities. Fontaine also said Council is going to be taking fire and police services off the tax roll and will pay for them in a separate charge so all people share the cost of these services equally. He added he also wants these costs shared by the cottage areas and could consider cutting these services to them if no agreement is reached.

              When asked about possible cuts he said Council is going through the budget process and is looking at everything so he can’t say if there will be cuts at this time.  He added there is a cost in keeping recreation facilities operating but he said these are important and they continue to look at sharing the cost of what have become regional facilities with other people and communities that use them

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