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Flin Flon Surgery Cases are Being Referred to The Pas or Winnipeg.



The Manitoba Nurses Union has raised concerns about the indefinite suspension of operating services at Flin Flon General Hospital.  In response the Northern Health Region has issued a release stating:

As a result of the recent departure of our surgeon and anesthetist from the Flin Flon General Hospital, the Northern Health Region was left with no other choice than to suspend operating room services at the hospital. At the same time, the Region met its obligation under its Collective Agreement with the operating room nurses and issued the 90-day notice provided for under the contract. Senior officials from the Region met face-to-face with appropriate representatives of the MNU and the OR nurses last week to advise them of the suspension and the reasons for it.

In the short term, a contingency plan has been developed that will see all surgical cases presenting to the Flin Flon General Hospital being transferred to The Pas or Winnipeg as is deemed clinically appropriate. We know realistically that we are up against a national shortage of core specialists like anesthetists and surgeons.  

They add the Northern Health Region continues to work with Shared Health and Manitoba Health on planning for clinical services in Flin Flon which are grounded in the provincial Preventive Clinical Services Plan.

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