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Flin Flon School is Offering an Option to Daily Snacks.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We recognize that these are uncertain times and want to help anyone who may need it.
Every day our schools provide breakfast to children who want to have it, and a daily snack. In
lieu of these daily snacks, we want to help support any families that may need a little help during
this time.
We also understand that circumstances for families may change over time, so please
know staff can be contacted going forward if a need arises.
Please contact one of the following people listed;
Mike McLellan (Ruth Betts) 204-687-8860
Jolene Gardiner (Ruth Betts) 204-271-1312
Courtney Lycan/Jenilee Lengye(Ruth Betts) 204-271-3035
Erin Dadson (Ecole McIssac) 204-687-9733
Sylvie Dufour (Ecole McIsaac) 204-687-8832
Miranda Bowman (Ecole McIsaac) 204-687-8830
Leanne Phair (Many Faces) 204-271-1445
Mark Lucas (Many Faces) 204-687-9718
Steve Lytwyn (Hapnot) 204-687-8844
Jill Rideout (Hapnot) 204-687-9709
Tammy Ballantyne (Flin Flon School Division) 204-681-3418
Marlee Salamondra Milley (Creighton) 306-688-2204

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