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The Budget Does Little for the North.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says a lot of the Manitoba budget presented last week is outdated.  He says it may have been relevant when prepared but doesn’t take into consideration the full effects of COVID-19.  He says he doesn’t see whole lot of anything in it for the north.  He explains the NDP delayed the government from introducing 20 some pieces of other legislation as they didn’t know what was in all 20 of those bills.  He said they looked at some of them that were related to labor, pensions and education and things like that and they knew it wasn’t going to be good news for Manitobans so those are the kinds of things they wanted to hold off until after that automatic pass date because then it gives Manitobans an actual chance to look at them and actively engage in what they see coming at them as opposed to just focusing on a budget and the pandemic.


The legislature is no longer in session due to COVID-19 and Lindsey says they may have to figure out how to do things from a distance but it’s up to the speaker to decide when they return.

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