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Hudbay has developed a business preparedness plans in light of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The company reports they  have been closely monitoring the status of the virus outbreak and the rapidly changing environment at all of its operations. Company-wide business preparedness plans were activated earlier this month as part of the company’s crisis management protocols. In response to the challenging environment in Peru following the Peruvian government’s recent declaration of a state of emergency, the company has commenced a temporary and orderly shutdown of operations at Constancia,

In Manitoba, Hudbay’s mines continue to operate and ship concentrate and zinc metal. At this point Manitoba remains a low-risk jurisdiction. However the Manitoba team is actively managing the evolving situation and implementing the business preparedness plan, including planning activities in the event the company needs to reduce or cease operations or construction activities in the future.

The company’s preparedness planning is reinforced by daily executive committee meetings, frequent employee communication, close monitoring of employee health and following recommendations from local health authorities.

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