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They Marched and Gathered to Remember and Call For Action.

The Women’s Resource Centre held their annual Women’s Memorial March and Red Dress Project Friday evening.  The Centre’s Brodie Hooper explained this marks 29 years Canadians have marched to honor the lives of murdered Aboriginal women and girls and the Red Dress Project was started by Jamie Black in 2014 and she described it as an aesthetic response to the issue of violence against women and girls.  Hooper noted the visual impact of the empty dress is to remind us of the staggering number of women who are no long with us.  She thanked those who marched with them in solidarity to mourn the loss of our sisters and to remember those who are still missing adding we stand together and ask for action, we ask for answers and we ask for justice.


Marchers made their way from Pioneer Square down Main Street and back to the Community Hall for refreshments, entertainment, a round dance and messages of support for the event.

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