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Concerns About the Future of Our Community Were Raised at the Flin Flon City Council Meeting Last Night.

Bruce Reid a 63 year resident expressed concerns about the future of our community with the Hudbay shutdown in April 2022 and how little concern local taxpayers have over the day to day activities of our community.  He said with the reduction in the workforce and Hudbay’s involvement in the community we are going to be looking at paying much higher taxes and people need to understand some of the things we are facing.  He presented Mayor and Council with a package of related information and a questionnaire he wants to discuss with them and urged them to use the media to let people know what is happening in our community so we can all continue to move forward.


Greg East commented on the effect Hudbay’s closure will have including job losses stating we as a community have to plan our course in creating a sustainable future.  He referred Council to a study on the transition of communities losing their major industry and a study done in 1966 on an urban renewal program for Flin Flon which emphasized public participation in discussing our future which should be done now to find out what people want and what they need as we plan to be here for a long time.

              Mayor Cal Huntley thanked them for their perspective and looks forward to the community’s perspective as we go forward.

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