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A Northern Alcohol Strategy is Expanding.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance is partnering with the ministries of Justice and Corrections and Policing to invest 250 thousand dollars into the expansion of the Northern Alcohol Strategy. This investment will expand the Strategy to Creighton, La Loche, English River First Nation and surrounding communities.  The funding will provide for Northern Alcohol Strategy personnel and resources in these communities in the 2019-20 fiscal year.  These personnel will support local leadership in the development of solutions to reduce the impacts of alcohol misuse in these regions.


Medical Health Officer Dr. James Irvine says initial successes reflect the collaborative efforts of community agencies and organizations in working toward healthier communities through supporting moderation in alcohol use, enhanced support in addictions treatment and expanded family and youth alcohol free activities. SGI Minister Joe Hargrave adds this Strategy aligns with the government’s goal to reduce the number of impaired driver injuries and fatalities across Saskatchewan.

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