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Our Three Mayors Have Signed an Historical Agreement.

Creighton Mayor Bruce Fidler, Denare Beach Mayor Carl Lentowicz and Flin Flon Mayor Cal Huntley signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday.  Mayor Fidler explains it’s a very important occasion for our communities as well as being the first ever inter municipal, inter provincial entity of this kind.  He explains what they are doing is formalizing an agreement between the three communities for working together on building a strong sustainable future for our region.  He says they’ve been working together for a couple of years on this but he thinks with the formalization of this it will hopefully be just the beginning of the many things they can do together to move forward.


Mayor Huntley added the agreement gives them a strong united voice as they approach economic opportunities or the Manitoba and Saskatchewan governments.  He added municipal councils do change and this agreement will ensure in the future the three councils continue to work as a formalized unit.


Each party will provide a minimum of three representatives comprising the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer and one elected official to the Regional Economic Commission which will meet at least once monthly.


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