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People Attending the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum Last Night Learned a Lot About Their Provincial Election Candidates.

In opening statements Liberal James Lindsay who has lived throughout the north and is former Mayor of Lynn Lake said one of his goals is accessibility to more communities in the north getting rid of one of the biggest obstacles to development.

              PC candidate Theresa Wride who was originally from Norway House made her way to Flin Flon where as a job consultant she sees the need to help people develop their skills and knowledge to become employable and self sufficient.


NDP candidate Tom Lindsey said he spent 30 years with the Steelworkers and now as MLA meeting people throughout the north noting all people can succeed and there is an opportunity out there with their name on it by providing the right education.


The Green Party’s Saara Murnick said there is a need for a guaranteed income supplement as 64 percent of kids in our Federal riding are under the poverty line and the need to drop the voting age to 16 with support for proportional representation to reduce voter apathy.


In response to questions the top priority for all was the real need for improving health care and Lifeflight with discussion on economic development, education and local school boards, resource development, strategies for the north, climate change and collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.


You can speak to and hear more from the candidate from 5:10 to 6 this afternoon here on CFAR.



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