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A School Flag and a Rock Painting Played a Role in Pride.

   Marc Lucas



The Flin Flon Pride Committee held their third annual Pride Event over the weekend. The Committee’s Andy Richard praised the School Division for their first Pride flag raising ceremony held on June 24th. Many Faces Education Centre Principal Marc Lucas said educators have a great responsibility in providing a safe and inclusive environment for all to learn and be part of.  He said along with equitable changes to our School Division over the past few years our schools were excited to raise Pride flags and show that they are in alliance with progression, understanding and love.  He added its moments like these that they hope to be part of in the future as there’ll always be battles and people to educate whenever there’s been discrimination so Flin Flon School Division will be one of many voices to help educate and make this world a more accepting one.


The Rainbow Heart Project with hearts painted around town was started when Julia Suchoplas painted a heart on the rocks which was vandalized, repainted and added to by others with the slogan Love Always Wins. She explained she wants the Rainbow Heart Project to be the unifying symbol of love and family that can tie us together no matter how alone we feel, to live is to accept and to accept is to love.

              The weekend included several other events such as a Trans March, community barbeque, Pride parade and, their first Drag show.

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