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There are Consequences When You Drink And Go Boating.

With summer boating season reaching its peak it’s important to remember to stay sober while operating your boat.


Impairment on the water is the leading contributor in recreational boating accidents, with alcohol playing a role in 58 per cent of boating-related fatalities in the province.


The Water Smart Coordinator at Lifesaving Society Manitoba, Doctor Christopher Love, explains there are some legal consequences you could receive if you’re caught boating while impaired.  He says it’s just as illegal to operate your boat while impaired as it is to operate your car while impaired.  He notes if you are caught while you’re out on your boat and you’re an impaired boater depending on the exact circumstances of each case you could be losing your boating licence, you could be losing your driver’s licence, you could have your boat impounded, you could have your car impounded and if this is not your first offence you could be ending up with jail time.

To help reduce impaired boating, the organization is partnering with the Canadian Safe Boating Council to launch Operation Dry Water to help raise awareness.


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