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An Annual Fishing Tournament is Set For the August Long Weekend.

The 30th annual Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge is coming up August 3rd and 4th on Big Athapap.  The committee’s Mike Wesner says the entry fee is 150 dollars for a team of two with great prizes again this year with first, second and third places all guaranteed so first place is 5 thousand dollars, second is 25 hundred and third is 2 thousand dollars and since this is the 30th annual you win a thousand dollars if you finish in 30th place.  He adds there is a youth angler competition so that’s ages 15 and under and first place for that is 350 dollars, second is 250 and third place is 200 dollars and there’s also a lot of hidden prizes for everyone throughout the derby.


The boat parade is Friday night August 2nd with a rules meeting to follow with a penny parade with lots of prizes and fishing on the Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 am.  For information and registration call 204-271-3465 or 271-0050.


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