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The Premier Will Look at One Request From Northern Communities But Not Another.

While in Flin Flon Friday I asked Premier Brian Pallister about the northern communities request for more use of the Mining Community Reserve Fund.  He explained he is not allowed to do any announcements during the pre-election period and won’t do that but he will say that fund used to be a lot higher before the NDP got hold of it and it went down below the ten million dollar mark and the rules said you can’t access it if its below ten million.  He said they’ve been building it back up but he can’t say anything about allocation because that would be wrong of him to do but he can says they’ve got plans to make sure that the fund is available for communities when they need adjustment support and that is why it was set up in the first place.


 When asked about a request to share profits from cannabis with municipalities Pallister said no as they already have the most generous support for local governments in the country and they don’t know yet if there will be profits to share and he doubts municipalities would want to share losses.

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