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An Updated Plan for a New Aqua Centre is Being Developed.

Mayor Cal Huntley updated the Aqua Centre Community Committee on how the city is moving forward.  He explained they are looking at how they can get a new facility to meet the needs of all users so they are looking at existing facilities already working in other communities.  He noted they are very close to having paid off the water treatment plant and will have money to work with with their current debt load reduced.  He said they are close to deciding on a model for the new Aqua Centre at a cost of around 6.6 million dollars which is dramatically lower that what was proposed in the earlier feasibility study for a new facility.  Once they have narrowed it down they will meet with the committee because he can’t emphasize enough how important continued community input is.               


As fund raising continues the committee can use more help.  They have raised 290 thousand dollars with a raffle and golf fund raiser coming up August 24th.  Anyone willing to work with the committee can call Lindsay at 204-681-7517.



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