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A Walk Can be a Learning Experience for People Interested in Flin Flon History.

Local City Councilor and historian Ken Pawlachuk is again presenting walking tours of Flin Flon starting tomorrow.  He says the tours are open to anyone interested, they’re free and start at Pioneer Square on Main Street. He explains he goes over to the copper mural that’s there and then over to the copper bar and tells them a few stories about HBM&S and how we came to where we are.  He goes to the Community Hall and talks about our old red light district and stuff like that and then over to the open pit and talks about some of the challenges they had with processing the ore and if he can get into the Whitney Forum a lot of times that’s where he’ll take his tour and if they have time he’ll go across the road behind the Legion and they’ll go on the old sewer boxes there.


The walk will start at 11 o’clock at Pioneer Square every Saturday morning until the end of August and takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours.


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