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Their Past Accomplishments Have Prepared Them for the Future.

Diplomas were presented to 46 graduates of Hapnot Collegiate last night along with 63 bursaries, awards and scholarships.


The largest award the Hudbay W.A. Green Bursary for highest average for 35 hundred dollars a year for up to four years was presented to Suzanne Nelson who also received the Governor General Medal for highest academic standing.  The Sparling Trophy for the student who contributes the most to school life while still maintaining a good academic standing went to Andrew Richard who was also Valedictorian.


Richard thanked parents, teachers and fellow grads noting what they have accomplished together but they’ve done it they’ve graduated high school.


Guest speaker Father Paul Bringleson left the grads with three points honestly accept the person you are as you are, question absolutely everything from everyone all the time and remember people have the freedom to disagree with you and live your life for someone other than yourself as others have struggled to help you to where you are today.


Valedictorian Andrew Richard


Father Paul Bringleson





  • Missing from the Grad convocation was the mention of the Grade 12 Honour and Distinction awards. We are very sorry for this omission as our Grads worked hard and should have been recognized for their achievement. The Grade 12 average ranged from 98.3 to 79.8, following are students that achieved these honours.

Torin Abrahamson- Applied Math

Briah Atkinson-Chemistry, Biology,Pre-calculus math

Zander Brown- Essential Math

Eve Cooper- Physics, English

Hali Johnson

Anna Krassilowsky

Carson Lee

Jewel Lewis-Tremblay

Megan McIntosh- Essentials Math

Suzanne Nelson-Francais, Chemistry, Physics,Biology. Pre-calculus math

Andy Richard- Biology

Adeena Sajid- Chemistry, Physics, Pre-calculus math, English

Mason Tower-Applied math

Tyler Wiens


Distinction Only


Elizabeth MacDonald - English

Evan Hooper  - Essentials Math

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