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Pride Flags are Flying Over Flin Flon Schools.

For the first time Pride flags have been raised at Flin Flon schools to recognize Pride Month.  The flags were raised yesterday with the official ceremony taking place at Ruth Betts School.  The Executive Director of the local Pride Committee Jordanna Oulette said she is proud to see the rainbow flags in the community.  She explained she’s so happy to have the School Division on board to make sure that you all know that it’s okay to be who you are.  She said schools should be a safe space where we are all accepted free to be ourselves adding let that rainbow flag that’s going to fly be a reminder that you are accepted, you’re not alone and above all you are loved.


Mental Health Promotions Facilitator and honorary member of the Pride Committee CC Trubiak agreed noting this is a symbol of something really big in our community, we are all human, diversity is important to celebrate and it’s important that our children be educated in the value of equality and freedom of choice adding diversity is the one thing that we all have in common so let’s celebrate it.                                       


Pride flags will also be flown at Creighton and Cranberry Portage Schools.




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