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Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew says a New Democrat Government Would Fight Climate Change While Protecting Mining Jobs in the North.

The opposition leader says his party’s climate change plan will help protect and create more jobs in the mining industry while still being eco-friendly.  He says he’ll bolster mining jobs in the north and one of the ways they want to do this is by using the Mining Community Reserve Find to help create jobs in communities like Thompson and Flin Flon and other northern communities to keep people working.  He says one of the criticisms of the Pallister government is they’ve got more than ten million dollars in this Fund that they’re not using to help mining communities and they want to put that money to work to help people to continue to have good jobs and along the way they’ll help improve the environment.


Kinew adds that Manitoba’s mining industry is vital to the provincial economy and can be done in a more environmentally friendly way than in other parts of the world.  He notes the NDP will work on meeting the Paris Accord emission targets by reducing reliance on oil and gas subsidies.

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