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Its Time to Register for an Easter Celebration at the Library.

The Flin Flon Public Library is holding an Easter Party April 24th.  Administrator Courtney Campbell invites you to register your children now.  She says they’re going to have stories, crafts, snacks, all of the fun stuff that they usually do for the kids as well as a visit from the Easter Bubby so they’re very excited to do this annual party for the kids as it’s a big deal for them.  She adds they need you to call the Library at 204-687-3397 to reserve a spot and there are only 30 spots for kids age 4 and up and they’re already starting to fill up so give them a call or drop in and reserve your spot today.


All children must be accompanied by an adult.  The party runs from 4:30 to 6 Wednesday April 24th.

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