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Too Many Billionaires are Receiving Our Tax Money.

In Question Period this week Member of Parliament Niki Ashton asked the Prime Minister why money is going to his billionaire friends when First Nations and hurting Canadians get nothing.  She explained last week she asked this government to address urgent food insecurity in our north because of climate change and did they ever deliver giving 12 million dollars to Loblaws a company headed up by the second richest Canadian.  She added Liberals also gave 4.5 billion to a rich American oil company and in the eyes of this Liberal government it’s clear that every problem can be solved by giving money to your billionaire friends and meanwhile First Nations already hurting from climate change get nothing.


Environment Minister Catherine McKenna outlined what they government has done on climate change noting the money to Loblaws to update to energy efficient freezers and coolers will be equivalent to taking 50 thousand cars off the road ayear and the company is paying three quarters of the cost.


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