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A Local Committee Continues to Work Towards the Return of Obstetrics in Flin Flon.

At their meeting last night City Council heard from Jan Unruh and Kirsten Fristch Co-Chairs of the We Want Birth Committee whose mission is to advocate for the whole community and surrounding areas to reinstate quality obstetric services at the Flin Flon General Hospital.  To date they have held a public forum, met with Health Region CEO Helga Bryant to discuss challenges posed, held a protest at the hospital resulting in a 136 signature petition, meeting or being in contact with MPs, MLAs and Health Ministers for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, local Mayors and Councils and have planned a second public forum to be attended by CEO Helga Bryant next Tuesday at the Eagle Rose Holistic Healing and Teaching Lodge at 104 Tweedmuir to which they invited Mayor and Council.


  They reviewed the cost and difficulties for families to have babies delivered out of town as well as noting the effect on the community of not having families from outlying communities normally served by our hospital asking Council what they have done.  Councilor Pawlachuk said they have met with Helga Bryant as well as Health Ministers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan to discuss the issue.  Councilor MacKinnon said there has to be more funding for health to ensure needed services are there while Councilor McKee added we all deserve a base line of care no matter where we live.


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