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A Shared Health program Will Begin in Manitoba in April.

Staff working in a number of departments, programs, service areas and sites across Manitoba’s health system will begin a phased in transition to Shared Health in April.  Shared Health Chief Executive Officer Dr. Brock Wright says by transitioning responsibility for certain services to one organization they will be able to improve the consistency and availability of certain services as well as identify cost savings that can be invested in areas of need.


Across the health system around 12 thousand staff will see their employer or contracting organization of record change to Shared Health beginning in April. Deputy Health Minister Karen Herd adds standardized approaches to the delivery of health care will improve the system’s ability to deliver services to Manitobans regardless of where they live. 


Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant says the reshaping of the health system will be of great benefit to patients in the north and their families adding the planning underway to enhance primary care is of particular interest to providers and patients in this region as well as efforts to increase the use and support of inter-professional teams and enhance focus on prevention and recognition of the social determinants of health.

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