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Local School Boards Play an Important Role.

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont was in Flin Flon yesterday.  One of the issues we discussed was the provincial public education review and the possible dissolving of locally elected School Boards. Lamont says he is very concerned about it as having local input into education is really important but he also doesn’t see that there’s going to be a lot of savings.  He says what they’ve seen before when the amalgamation of School Boards was tried is it didn’t really improve the quality of education and it didn’t improve costs either.  He added the real focus on the challenges in our education system need to be about what can we do better to make sure our kids are reading, writing, doing their arithmetic and learning properly rather than focus on funding.


Lamont says this is about the future generation of Manitoba and how they are going to grow up and the kind of skills they’re going to bring to the workforce and this is something we need to invest in.  We’ll have more from Lamont on newscasts later this week.



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