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Trappers Festival is Coming Up Soon in The Pas.

One of the biggest events at the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival in The Pas is the World Championship Dog Sled races and members of The Pas Kinsmen Club have been hard at work preparing the racecourse. Kin member and race marshal Jason Oswald explains it’s a whole club effort and not only their club but an incredible amount of volunteers that come out and help them.  He says you can expect a lot of excitement as there are 25 to 30 teams, ten dogs each so you’ve got 300 dogs pulling those sleds while leaving that start-finish line.

Jason added that this is the Kinsmen Club of The Pas’s pinnacle project which won them the National Service Club Award two years ago.

This year the national President of Kin Canada is coming to experience the world championship dog sled races and Jason hopes to have as many spectators as possible this year so that the event can keep going.

The races begin at Halcrow Lake and will take place on February 14th, 15th and 16th. Updates on the races will be posted to The Pas kinsmen’s Facebook page.

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