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RCMP Continue to Investigate an Incident That Occurred in Flin Flon Sunday.

The RCMP report that at approximately 2:30 Sunday afternoon they were following up on complaints of mischief at a residence on Hill Street.  They went to the main floor apartment to ask for information when a large dog exited the residence and began growling and barking at the officers. They report numerous attempts were made to get someone to take control of the dog as it continued to make aggressive actions toward the officers as they backed away from it feeling it was a definite threat. An officer unholstered his firearm again asking for someone to take control of the dog which suddenly lunged at them at which point the officer fired one shot which immediately killed the dog outside the residence with no civilians present.  The officer removed himself from the scene, other officers undertook the investigation and the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba has been notified and will monitor the RCMP investigation.

The dog's owner disagrees with the RCMP report saying a friend answered the door when police arrived but didn't give him time to take the dog and restrain it.



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