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A Large Crowd was on Hand for an Obstetrics Update at the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Meeting Yesterday.

Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant told the Chamber they were providing low risk level one obstetric services until the obstetrician left for a larger center because of the low level of births here in order  keep up his competency and skills. They tried recruiting locums who live in one location and provide services to other areas and other recruiting but that didn’t work out.  An external review was conducted by medical experts and recommended suspending obstetric services for both patient and staff safety.


Bryant explained they have developed a pre natal clinic that follows a pregnancy and develops a birthing plan supported by the obstetrician in The Pas that includes other advisors and the emergency staff in case their services are needed with the results of the plan being closely monitored.  They are now following and supporting 44 pre natal women at this clinic.  They are awaiting the results of the first ever province wide clinical study expected this spring to see if an opportunity in the women’s health component can open up a return to obstetrics.  She says that a year from now the province from a clinical perspective will be a better place and she expects the north will benefit from this process which will shine the light on areas that are under serviced and the services they need.


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