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The Northern Patient Transportation Program Was Raised in the Manitoba Legislature.

During Question period last week The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed funding concerns with the Northern Patient Transportation Program. She said they know that the Minister of Health put false information on the record when he said there have been no changes to the Northern Patient Transportation Program and the Minister still hasn’t retracted that information and today is his last day until the next session to do so.  She asked will the Minister retract the false information he’s put on record, acknowledge the harmful cuts he’s making and most importantly reverse these cuts.

Minister of Health Cameron Friesen stated the Northern Patient Transportation program is essential for Northern Manitobans to be able to reach appointments in the South and there are rules in place for the program but some rules failed to be enforced.  He added the Northern Health Authority is once again enforcing those rules to make sure the program stays strong for Manitobans.  According to Lathlin, over 1 million dollars for the Northern Patient Transportation Program was cut and this has forced the Northern Health Region to reduce the number of people who get flights under the program.

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