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Our MLA is Calling for Action on the Northern Economy.

In the Legislature last week MLA Tom Lindsey stated northern Manitobans don’t know what this government is doing to grow the northern economy. He explained the Premier’s made it clear countless times that he knows job losses are coming and to be clear he has know for a long time somewhere between 1500 and 2000 job losses are coming maybe more.  He added this government’s reply so far has been business as usual asking when will this Premier stop the evasions, take responsibility for helping northern Manitobans with a plan to grow the economy and maintain the services they need.


Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pederson replied they are working very closely with the mining industry in the north as there is huge potential for discovery and they are working with communities to open those mines as well as working on a tourism strategy.  Lindsey again asked when the minister will talk to northern Manitobans and give them a northern economic jobs plan.


Our Member of Parliament Niki Ashton raised similar concerns in the House of Commons calling on the Federal Liberals to do more about the job situation in northern Manitoba.

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