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The City of Flin Flon is in the Process of Developing Plans For the Closure of Hudbay.

Mayor Cal Huntley says the proposed closure of Hudbays Flin Flon operations in 2021 still leaves a lot of questions to be answered.  But he says they have to start planning for the scenario presented in the news release.  He says they’ve already started working on diversity and different things like that to help try and mitigate so he doesn’t see a huge change in strategy right now other than planning for some additional initiatives around the community as a whole.  Hs says they’ve planted some seeds with the government around the Mining Reserve Fund and some potential projects that could help with the sustainability of the community and so they’re looking at everything right now as well as looking at how do they can do things better from a city perspective given that theoretically in three years the way it’s being proposed there could be a significant decrease in funding.


Huntley adds they have to decide how they are going to deal with that issue.  He says over the next several weeks they’ll start to formulate how they need to change the strategy that they presently have in place and what that will lead to.



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