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You Can Purchase Work by Local Artists this Weekend.


The One Square Foot art exhibition and auction wraps up Sunday at the Norva Centre.  People purchased a 12 by 12 inch canvas and returned it with their art work on it.  A silent auction has been underway and the Centre’s Karen Clark says this week they have been doing draws from the silent auction and these are posted on their Facebook page so an early bird draw means that the bidding has stopped early and they’re hoping people will come in and check their bids for their favorite piece and make sure that they are the top bid before they get drawn for the early bird.  She adds on Sunday at 1:30 the live auction begins and Raphael Saray is the auctioneer and at 1 o’clock the doors open to give people a chance to come in and scan the sheets to see what there is that they want to bid on.


At the auction they will also feature a demonstration and display of tattoo art by Jason Feuerstein. The auction is a fund raiser for the Norva Centre at 177 Green Street.


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