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Its Felt Locally Our Constituency Boundaries Should Not Change.


The Manitoba Electoral Boundaries Commission held a hearing in Flin Flon yesterday on the proposed electoral division boundaries.  One proposed change sees Flin Flon and The Pas riding becoming one due to low population in Flin Flon riding to get closer to their average of just over 22 thousand.


Greg Bauman questioned the population numbers used by the commission and also noted The Pas and Flin Flon have different economies and issues.  He suggested keeping the two ridings separate with Flin Flon expanding further north as well as east to include Waboden adding current boundaries have worked well for 50 years.  MLA Tom Lindsey said if the population of Flin Flon is the problem then he agrees with the changes proposed by Bauman noting its more about representation than numbers supported by Leslie Beck who questioned how do you get people in isolated communities to have fair representation in the Legislature.  Mayor Cal Huntley added since there is no solution to these issues raised why change the boundaries unless they can show there are huge improvements to come beyond just numbers.


Commission Chair Richard Chartier said they will do their due diligence in looking at population adding they also look at putting communities of interest together. Their final report is due December 31st.


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