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The Quarter Century Club Continues to Grow.

 Watch recipeints   25 year safety


  Membership in Hudbay’s Quarter Century Club climbed to 3138 Friday night with the presentation of watches to 5 employees who have completed 25 years of continuous service with the Company.  Safety awards were presented to 18 employees with 25 years, 23 with 30 years, 6 with 35 years and 5 with 40 years without a lost time accident. Award recipients were congratulated by President Alan Hair who said while celebrating past achievements we can also look forward.  He said they are in a cyclable business, people understand that the commodities business has its ups and downs and what he’s very pleased to be able to say is that they have seen commodity prices improve, they have seen the Company’s position improve markedly in the last twelve months and he’s very pleased to see them again in a position where they can allocate significant resources back to exploration and exploration in the Flin Flon area and hopefully that will ensure that they are here to celebrate an event like this for many years in the future.


Also recognized were 82 employees who retired over the past year.


30 year safety  35 year safety


40 year safety

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