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A Bylaw Amendment to Help Clean Up the Community Has Passed.


At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council heard from Lyla Yaremchuk regarding an amendment to their standards of maintenance and occupancy for residential property bylaw passed on first reading at their last meeting. It allows for fines for not maintaining your yard and if not paid they will be added to your taxes.  Yaremchuk said this will affect low and fixed income people who can’t get the refuse picked up and the fine could be added to their taxes when they are already high enough.


Mayor Cal Huntley said they want the community cleaned up and they want people to be responsible for their yards and if they aren’t and the city cleans it up the cost comes out of tax money so it should be paid for by the homeowner.  He added there are very few people who cannot pick up garbage or have someone help them do it.  But there are some who don’t think it’s important and don’t do it.  The bylaw he added is to encourage them to do it or pay a fine and if they don’t it’s added to their taxes and there’s a pretty good chance it will be paid.


The Bylaw amendment passed on second and final reading last night.


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