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The Flin Flon Lions Club Hosted A Visit By Their District Governor.



District Governor Helmut Neufeld of the Shoal Lake Lions Club spoke about his priority project, the Lions Foundation of Canada’s Dog Guide Program.  He told them about a family that received a diabetes monitoring dog at no cost for their children with diabetes and the dog sits between the girls and he detects when they go into a low and he wakes the child up and then he runs to the bedroom and wakes one of the parents up.  He says when they got that dog it was the first time in three years that they had been able to sleep through the night and were totally confident that their children were being looked after and when he heard that story he thinks that’s one of the moments when he actually became a Lion adding when you feel that lump in your throat and you realize what Lions accomplish and what they have done for families it is absolutely amazing.


Neufeld also mentioned two new Lions programs in Manitoba, a hearing aid bank that loans hearing aids for children and a kid’s sight program that tests children in schools with 60 of 600 tested referred to an optometrist.


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