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An Impressive New Program is Underway at Hapnot Collegiate.


Last week Education Minister Ian Wishart was in the community touring the Division schools and meeting with staff. Superintendent Constance McCleese reported to the Flin Flon School Board that he was very impressed with the student designed virtual reality unit at Hapnot Collegiate.  Funding for the project came from the school budget at the end of June and is believed to be the only one of its kind in use at a high school in the province.  The virtual application can be utilized in many areas of school curriculum, including biology class.


It was also reported that all staff will be taking the training customer service accessibility course over the next three to four months.  The course will assist in areas of dealing with the public and their different accessibility needs.


Students at Hapnot have raised 14 hundred dollars in donations for the We Scare Hunger campaign and non-perishable food donations can still be dropped off at the Hapnot office for the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.


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