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Hapnot Collegiate Students are Attending We Day in Winnipeg Tomorrow.



  The Collegiate’s Daniel Dillon says 20 students earned the trip to We Day through projects the worked on last year or committed to work on this year.  He explains the event is a celebration of what the kids have been doing the previous year when it comes to actions in their over community, national and international.  He says they raised money for the Food Bank, they worked on We Scare hunger, they raised money for a school in Kenya and this opportunity is a great experience for them to celebrate and be with 14 thousand other students across the province who are like minded who are making a difference in their community when it comes to change.


Dillon says they usually take students from their Equality and Social Justice/Gay Straight Alliance and there are eight students from the group going but this year they invited them to invite a friend they might like to inspire so they are going as well and they’ve signed on contract to give back five hours to whatever initiatives they want for the school or for the community.

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