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The Lieutenant Governor and Achievement Awards Recognized Students at Creighton Community School Yesterday.

 Front: Lieutenant Governor and Lauren Fox

Back: Lillian Knutson, Kiana Stevens, Aline Nasselquist, Myles Patterson, Shannon Williamson, Mikayla Larocque. Missing: Kayless Banting at University.



Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield spoke to students about the importance of leadership.  She presented her Award of Excellence to student Lauren Fox who has shown leadership in her home, school and community. She explained Lauren achieved an average of over 90 percent in many of her subjects and she received the grade nine Alex Oberg Memorial Award for leadership and creative spirit.  She added Lauren loves music and plays the tuba, piano and she sings, she’s part of school choirs and attended honor choirs and choir camp. Schofield also mentioned Lauren’s achievements in golf, hockey and swimming adding she has plans to become an orthodontist.


The Northern Student Achievement Awards were presented for grade seven to Myles Patterson and Mikayla Larocque, grade eight Lillian Knutson, grade nine Shannon Williamson, grade ten Kiana Stevens, grade eleven Aline Nasselquist and grade twelve Kaylee Banting.  A 500 dollars Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall scholarship was presented to grade twelve student Dimitri Morin.


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