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An Event Held a Year Ago Has Led to a Provincial Award.

General Manager Becky Cianflone, Board Member Cathy Fidierchuk, Board Member Larry Johnson, Business Development Coordinator Krista Lemcke, Board Member kim Stephen



Community Futures Greenstone has received the Community Futures Excellence and Innovation Award for 2017.  Their General Manager Becky Cianflone says it was for their very successful inaugural Infusion Entrepreneurship Conference held last October.  She explains the provincial body for Community Futures Manitoba has an Excellence in Innovation Award where projects are submitted to the committee and they decide on which projects are the most innovative and help to really represent the Community Futures mandate in supporting entrepreneurship and community development.


Cianflone reminds everyone their second Infusion Entrepreneurship Conference is coming up October 25th and you can register at the Greenstone office, call them at 204-687-6967 or email admin@cfgreenstone.com.

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