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Harm Reduction is Being Addressed by a Variety of Programs in the Flin Flon Area.

Carrie Pockett, Lannie Bosman Leptick, Leah Lemauviel


  The Harm Reduction Committee spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  The Committee’s Carrie Pockett for the Play it Safer Network summarized harm reduction by noting it really is knowing that people engage in behaviors that are harmful and may be risky but how can we help to reduce the harms associated with certain behaviors as well.


Lannie Bosman Leptick from the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba says one in five individuals are affected with addictions so using that number around 16 hundred individuals are affected in our region.  She says they work with individuals on how to use more responsibly or how to reduce the harms in their life.


Public Health Nurse Leah Lemauviel says they offer immunization, education programs, sexual health information, needle exchange to reduce HIV and Hepatitis C infections and sharps disposal units, opioid replacement programs, naloxone kits and they engage with their clients to make change.


Pocket adds they have a youth advisory committee to share ideas on getting their message out to the community.


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