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Some Pelican Narrows Residents Have Started Going Home.


Effective Wednesday afternoon Chief Peter A. Beatty rescinded the general evacuation order for the Pelican Narrows community.  Emergency Managements Steve Unrau says condition have improved noting a lack of direct fire threats to the access in and out of the community, lack of fire threats to the community itself or infrastructure around the community, air quality that is within acceptable limits and the fact that critical services such as health and power supplies will be in place when people arrive.


Due to continued air quality concerns this is valid only for the general community and priority 3 persons but the evacuation order remains in effect for priority 1 and 2 persons with health issues.


Although highway 106, the Hanson Lake Road remains closed escorts continue between Creighton and Highway 135 from 6 to 11 am and 6 to 9 pm Saskatchewan time as conditions allow so there may be wait times and no stops along the route.


Fire Management also reports no community structures have been lost due to the three fires in the Pelican Narrows area but some remote structures have been lost and owners have been notified.


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