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Drive With Caution on Gravel Roads.


Manitoba Public Insurance and the RCMP have partnered in a joint public awareness and enforcement campaign specific to gravel roads.  They want to reduce the number of injuries, and deaths from accidents on gravel roads in the province. On average nearly 500 people are injured in crashes on Gravel roads annually and about 14 people are killed in these crashes.  One of the goals Manitoba Public Insurance has to heighten awareness about the challenges associated with driving on gravel roads is to enhance its high school driver education program. This will help to expose all teen drivers to training on how to properly control their vehicle on gravel. Some of the safety tips for driving on gravel roads include: slow down when you’re moving from a paved road to gravel, avoid sudden changes in direction as swerving may cause you to lose control and if you lose control take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction you want to go.

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