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It Was a Successful Pride Weekend.



Flin Flons Pride Committee celebrated their first Pride event over the weekend.  It began with the raising of the Pride Flag at City Hall Friday where committee member CC Trubiak said Pride is a celebration for the whole community.  He says it’s become a beacon of hope to any one of the millions of people in our world who have felt the sting of being an outcast.  He added with acts of violence, hate and fear constantly grabbing the headlines Flin Flon’s Pride Committee hopes to show the world that our little northern town is in fact a northern light.  He said it’s a place where people are accepted and respected for their contributions to the town and not ostracized for what makes them different.


Father Paul Bringleson told those attending our communities are incomplete without your voice and without your needs being met and being heard with the dignity they deserve and Shelley Rhyno asked those attending to be willing and open to accept all that defines the person standing next to you.


The flag raising was followed by a barbeque in Pioneer Square, the Pride parade Saturday morning, a Community Fair Saturday afternoon and a Glow Party Saturday night.


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