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Culture Days 2016


  Flin Flons Culture Days finished number one in the country last year for the number of events in communities with a population of less than 50 thousand.  The Flin Flon Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says she would like it to be an even bigger celebration this year. With 104 events last year she would like to see 150 events for Canada’s 150th birthday.  She says they are going to be having the provincial Culture Days kickoff here in Flin Flon and as far as she knows the Lieutenant Governor will be coming as well as the Minister to see what we’ve got, so anybody who has anything they want to show off or just share, it could be absolutely anything that you love doing that could be part of Culture Days.


If you have any ideas for Culture Days which runs September 29th to October 1st this year contact Crystal at the Arts Council Office, call 204-687-5974 or go to their website www.culturedays.ca.

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